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Handbuilt TAB Models Industrial County 1184 Tractor Boughton winch Bomford blade Floatation tyres


Stunning model of the Industrial version County 1184 including front blade and rear boughton winch in 1:32 scale 

Hand built conversion and as you can see many hours going into this one

Features include front mounted angled Bomford blade. Blade is movable and features hydraulic hose detail.

Rear mounted Boughton winch with movable sprag and hydraulic oil tank.

Universal Hobbies Hara cab with added detail including door hinges, rear reflectors, revised door mirrors, rear mounted mesh guard, front mounted work lights and Britains driver inside cab. Solid rubber flotation tyres on gloss black wheel rims.

1184 TW bonnet with top mounted headlights.

Machinery enamel finish in yellow.

This model is intended for display, there are no moving parts except for working sprag, blade and rotating wheels.