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Scratchbuilt OCE O Conner Eng Folding Silage Forks 1:32 scale Handbuilt brass


  • This is a very complex model to make from the beginning designing, making and spraying! It is almost made the same as the real one with the way the sheets are folded together.

    The square Hardox tines are cut from 2mm aluminium sheet on a water jet, the rest is mostly brass etchings folded and square brass tube cut to size.

    The rams are round aluminium tube.

    It is all put together by making numerous jigs to support the bars, tubes and rods for soldering.

    Once the model is made it is put on a specially made rack for spraying, a yellow etch primer is used followed by the final top coat
    You will just receive one model. Photos are to show specification etc

If you have any questions i will only be to happy to answer them