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Volvo Loader PAIR painted wheels AT collections 750/65 R26 Perfect 32


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Scale 1.32 made by Perfect 32


Width: 23.5 mm 

Height: Ø 51.3 mm 

Axel hole size: Ø 5.5mm 

Weight: 80g 

Rubber tyres 

2 Part 3D Printed resin rim (some rims may have blemishes)

Painted rims will have matched paint to the AT Collections volvo L60H model

Fitting the Process:

Step 1.Place rim with hole into the tyer,

Step 2. Screw onto the model,

Step 3. Place outer rim into the tyer.

The Dual rim fits perfectly into the outer rim and will hold in place




Width: 12.1 mm 

Height: Ø 51 mm

Rim to fit on loader wheel 19.5 MM Ø